Particle physics outreach group


The nucleus and elementary particle outreach center operates within Experimental nuclear and particle center of the Faculty of Physics (FP) at Vilnius University (VU). It organizes educational activities for the general public. High school students and their teachers are welcome to visit our centre, to take part in particle physics experiments, attend a lecture on CERN activities and research, or participate in a video bridge. Students will deepen their knowledge in the field of nuclear and elementary particles, learn scientific work and learn how to apply their knowledge in a new situation. Teachers can raise their qualifications by sharing experiences and ideas.


Our Center aims to attract students to the field of physics, to motivate them during excursions and experiments, to demonstrate simple and easy experiments. Our current suggestions for school teachers and students are:

Day at the Center


Particles traces



The day at the center, with lectures and an experiment, reserving the time of the session.


The event for student groups is ordered by reservation and time assignment.




45 min. lecture on thawed topics after reserving the time of the session.


Lectures for students who have the basics of the atom. Lectures are ordered. A video bridge with CERN can be commissioned for several schools upon reservation.

60 min. experiment for student groups after reserving the time of the session


Particle traces experiment are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. A reservation is needed.

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