Particle sensors and irradiation dosimetry

Team leader, Dr. Sc. Eugenijus Gaubas,

Phone: +370 5 2234480 e-mail:


Current research activities?

Cryogenic tracking detectors (CERN rd39); Si and GaN as well as diamond sensors (CERN CMS); Radiation hard semiconductor devices for very high luminosity colliders (CERN rd50); contactless, in situ and remote control of radiation damage and dosimetry for Advanced European Infrastructures for Detectors at Accelerators (CERN project AIDA-2020).

Field of interest within the Center?

Analysis of particle sensor signals, spectroscopy of radiation defects, design and fabrication of dosimeters and sensors for contactless monitoring of large areas impacted by large hadron fluences, search for materials, technologies and sensor design modifications capable to withstand the high luminosity irradiations

Available resources (Instrumentation, irradiation facilities etc.)

  1. EPR spectrometer BRUKER ALEXSYS E-580 and BRUKER e-scanner
  2. Vilnius University proprietary carrier lifetime scanners and spectrometers: VUTEG-2, -3, -4, -5-CERN AIDA and VUTEG-6
  3. IR spectrophotometer (SPECORD-IR-75), SS and TR luminescence spectrometers including remote and in situ spectrum recorders for analysis of the particle excited luminescence
  4. I-V, C-V analyzers and DLTS spectrometers
  5. TCT scanners
  6. BELIV scanners
  7. A linear particle accelerator Tandetron 4110A with proprietary irradiation chamber in collaboration with Institute of Physics
  8. Simulation TCAD farm using SYNOPSYS software and server cluster
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