V. Urbonienė  

Doc. dr. Vidita Urbonienė

International Faculty of Physics Coordinator

Address: NFTMC B318, Saulėtekio av. 3, LT 10257, Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel. +370 5 223 4595
Saulėtekio av. 9, Bldg. III, room 407, LT 10222, Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.+370 5  236 6088
Fax. +370 5 236 6003

Courses in english teaching language

All study programs are taught in Lithuanian.

But mainly for foreign students ERASMUS program Physics faculty can offer part of courses in English teaching language:
21 bachelor level courses and 18 master level courses.

Studies at the Faculty

Studies at the Faculty of Physics

The Faculty of Physics is the largest centre of physics studies in Lithuania offering study programmes of all three cycles (bachelor, master, PhD).

Bachelor programmes in Lithuanian:

  • Applied Physics
  • Computing Physics and Modelling
  • Modern Technologies Physics and Management
  • Physics
  • Physics of Energy
  • Telecommunications Physics and Electronics

*Computing physics programme offers a track of astrophysics studies.

Master programmes in Lithuanian:

  • Biophysics
  • Environmental and Chemical Physics
  • Laser Physics and Optical Technologies
  • Laser Technology
  • Materials and Technology of Optoelectronics
  • Materials Science and Semiconductors Physics
  • Physical Technologies and Their Management
  • Telecommunications Physics and Electronics
  • Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics

Programmes in English:

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