Aim of the study programme

To provide the Master students with the newest theoretical and practical knowledge by creating the interdisciplinary environment of studies and using up-to-date scientific technological equipment, which is necessary for the future working activities, introduction of scientific achievements and new technologies into the industrial and business areas; to develop and improve the skills of the practical research, thus ensuring successful assimilation of the theoretical and practical courses and resulting in efficient application of the acquired knowledge in the future; to prepare the high qualification specialists in the interdisciplinary fields of physics and biology being acquainted with the newest biophysical technologies and methods, which were able · to work in multidisciplinary scientific and industrial collectives and participate practically in the business and industrial processes of the high technologies; to manage the business and industry requiring interdisciplinary knowledge in the scientific and technological fields of biology, biochemistry and physics; to work in state institutions of expertise, control and management requiring competence in the intersection areas of physics, biophysics, biology, biochemistry and medicine; to work in the institutions of the health care system ensuring successful and qualified usage of the medical equipment and technologies.                                                                                    

Intended learning outcomes

A holder of a Master's degree in Biophysics is able to apply the newest interdisciplinary knowledge in natural and biomedical sciences and modern technological achievements for solving theoretical and practical scientific as well as technological problems. He/she can perform research making use of the modern scientific equipment, analyse and summarize the obtained results, is able to evaluate their practical applicability in various fields of high biotechnologies industry, ecology and biomedicine.                                         

 Occupational profiles of graduates

A graduate is able to carry our research at scientific institutions in the fields of biomedical physics, photobiology, neurobiology and neuroinformatics or to pursue a professional career at companies and institutions working in the areas of health care and fields of biotechnology and nanotechnology.

Course structure diagram


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