Environmental and Chemical Physics

Aim of the study programme                          

To fill up the need of the specialists of environmental and chemical physics in Lithuania; training on the high university level specialists fitting the international standards and to be able for postgraduate studies; to achieve that the knowledge in the environmental physics and advanced theoretical and practical spectrometry obtained during the master studies would open the possibility for the graduates to join the international cooperation as well as analyse and solve the environmental problems in Lithuania.                                    

Intended learning outcomes

Having completed Environmental and Chemical Physics programme, a graduate has acquired knowledge and competence needed for independent successful work and investigations in the field of environmental and material research based on scientific analysis of the scientific and practical advanced data. He/she is able to demonstrate relevant skills and abilities to work in modern information technology environment, as well as convincing oral and written comunication skills, and is ready for further studies.                                                                

Occupational profiles of graduates

A graduate is able to work at research and industrial institutions, to carry out independant research, evaluate its results, present conclusions and recommendations for situations related to the application of theoretical and experimental spectrometry, material and environmental science and radioecology.

Course structure diagram


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