Doctoral dissertations maintained in 2017

  • Abramavičius. Theory of Energy and Charge Transport in Organic Molecular Systems.
  • Belovickis. Ultrasonic and Dielectric Spectroscopy of Composites Based on Polymers and Organic or Inorganic Manoparticles.
  • Chorošajev. Variational Theory of Electronic Energy Transfer and Relaxation.
  • Gelžinis. Spectroscopy of Photosynthetic Molecular Complexes.Theoretical Modeling and Analysis.
  • Grigaitis. Influence of Dopoing on the Optical and Electrical Properties of Sinx Films Deposited Using CVD Technology.
  • R. Hamedi. Linear and Nonlinear Phenomena for Slow Light.
  • Ivanauskienė. The Influence of Group Delay Dispersijon of the Resonator Components on an Optical Parametric Oscillator Synchronously Pumped by Femtosecond Pulses.
  • Juknevičius. Spatio-temporal Behavior in Continuum Surface Growth Models.
  • Kamarauskas. Investigation of Carbazole- and Hydrazone-based Charge Carrier Materials and Dyes for Solar Cells.
  • Kazakevičius. Complex Nonlinear Systems Affected by Colored and Non-Gaussian External Noise.
  • Klevas. The Influence of Convection and Non-local Radiation Field on Spectral Line Formation in Stellar Atmospheres.
  • Klimavičius. Solid State NMR Spectroscopy of Complex Innovative Materials.
  • Mackevičiūtė. Electrical Investigation of Thin Ferroelectric Films and Nano Structures.
  • Matulionytė. Investigation of Structure and Spectral Properties of Photoluminescent Gold Nanoclusters and Their Effect on Cancer Cells.
  • Palaimienė. Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy of Relaxor and Related Ceramics.
  • Prakapavičius. Oxygen in Stellar Atmospheres: Spectral Line Formation and Abundances.
  • Radžiūtė. Research on Parity and Time-reversal Violation in Atomic Physics.
  • Raišys. Tunning Exciton Diffusion in Organic Optoeletronic Materials.
  • Stanislovaitis. Generation of Optical Vortices and Their Linear and Nonlinear Transformations.
  • Šaulys. Quality Diagnostics of Nitride Based Light Emitting Diodes via Low Frequency Noise Characteristics.
  • Važgėla. Charge Carrier Transport and Recombination in Bulk Heterojunctions.

Doctoral dissertations maintained in 2015

  • G. Batavičiūtė. New methods for quanttative evaluation of laser damage precursors.
  • V. Butkus. Decoherence and Dephasing of Vibronic Excitons.
  • J. Chmeliov. Excitation Evolution and Self-Regulation Ability Of Photosynthetic Light-Harvesting Systems.
  • E.Gabrytė. Applications of femtosecond laser pulses in refractive eye surgery.
  • K. Gulbinas. Photoelectrical and optical properties of indirect bandgap semiconductors TlGaSe2 and SiC.
  • S. Kazlauskas.  Charge carrier relaxation in fluorite-structured oxygen ion conductors.
  • Ph. de Meulenaer. The accuracy of integrated star clusters parameters. The effects of stochasticity.
  • T. Mineikis. Stochastic galaxy disk evolution. 2-D models.
  • V. Purlys. Three-dimensional photonic crystals: fabrication and applications for control of chromatic and spatial light properties.
  • T. Serevičius. Optimization of MOLECULAR emitters for new generation OLEDs.
  • L. Skardžiūtė. Tuning of the fluorescence properties of nitrogen heterocyclic compounds by polar substituents.
  • D. Ševčenko. Investigation of Defect-Related Luminescence of Isoelectronicaly Doped Zinc Selenide‑Based Scintillators.
  • A. Tekorius. Combined methods and instrumentation for dosimetric monitoring of the large fluence hadron irradiations.
  •  V. Venckutė. Investigation of the crystal structure, elemental composition and peculiarities of ionic transport in Li+ solid electrolytes.
  • A. Žukauskas. Fabrication of optical components for light control at micrometer scale by direct laser writing.

Doctoral dissertations maintained in 2013

  • J. Adamonis. High Power Nd:YAG Laser For Pumping of OPCPA Systems.
  • V. Balevičius. Quantum coherence in molecular excitation energy transfer and relaxation.
  • J. Darginavicius. Three and Four Wave Parametric Interactions For Ultrashort Pulse Generation In The Ultraviolet, Near and Mid-Infrared spectral Range.
  • D. Dobrovolskas. Study of carrier dynamics in InGaN using spatially-resolved photoliuminescence techniques.
  • V. Dobrovolskas. Effects of Convection and Non-Equilibrium Radiation Transfer in Stellar Atmospheres.
  • A. Miasojedovas. Control of fluorescence properties of organic optoelectronic materials by molecular aggregate formation.
  • P. Ščajev. Investigation of wide-band-gap semiconductor photoelectric properties by using optical techniques with temporal and spatial resolution.

Doctoral dissertations maintained in 2014

  • Š. Bagdzevičius.  Processing, Structural and Broadband Dielectric Characterization of Strontium  Titanate and Related Perovskite Ceramics and Thin Films.
  • L. Damalakienė. Fluorescence research on the uptake and intracellular localisation of colloidal Quantum dots and their effect on mechanisms of endocytosis.
  • M. Ivanov. Grain Size Effect on Dielectric Properties of Ferroelectrics and Relaxors.
  • J. Galinis. Research on spontaneous parametric down-conversion pumped by incoherent light sources.
  • D. Majus. Transient phenomena in femtosecond filamentation.
  • S. Toliautas. Electronic excitation processes of photoactive organic molecules.
  • A. Tuzikas. Niche applications of solid-state lighting with controllable colour-rendition, spatial, photochemical, and photobiological properties.

Doctoral dissertations maintained in 2012

  • T. Čeponis. Radiation  technologies for optimization of Si devise parameters and techniques for control of radiation defects.
  • T. Gertus. Yb:KGW femtosecond laser material micromachining system and applications.
  • V. Jukna. Conical wave triggered transient spatio-temporal effects in Kerr media.
  • M. Karaliūnas. Investigation of Zinc Oxide Based Heterojunction Structures for Optoelectronic Devices by Means of Spectroscopy Methods.
  • D. Kaškelytė. Application of fluorometric techniques for diagnostic of tissue pathologic changes.
  • P. Každailis. Leaky acoustic waves in acousto-optic and acoustoelectric interaction.
  • S. Nargelas. Investigation of carrier dynamics in InN, InGaN and GaAsBi by optical pump-probe techniques.
  • S. Rudys. Development of the methods of broadband dielectric spectroscopy by investigating (1-x)(Na1/2 Bi1/2)TiO3 - xLa(Mg1/2 Ti1/2)O3and other materials.
  • A. Uleckas. Contactless spestroscopy of native and technological defects in Si, Ge and GaN structures.


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