Doctoral dissertations maintained in 2013

  • J. Adamonis. High Power Nd:YAG Laser For Pumping of OPCPA Systems.
  • V. Balevičius. Quantum coherence in molecular excitation energy transfer and relaxation.
  • J. Darginavicius. Three and Four Wave Parametric Interactions For Ultrashort Pulse Generation In The Ultraviolet, Near and Mid-Infrared spectral Range.
  • D. Dobrovolskas. Study of carrier dynamics in InGaN using spatially-resolved photoliuminescence techniques.
  • V. Dobrovolskas. Effects of Convection and Non-Equilibrium Radiation Transfer in Stellar Atmospheres.
  • A. Miasojedovas. Control of fluorescence properties of organic optoelectronic materials by molecular aggregate formation.
  • P. Ščajev. Investigation of wide-band-gap semiconductor photoelectric properties by using optical techniques with temporal and spatial resolution.