• Š. Bagdzevičius.  Processing, Structural and Broadband Dielectric Characterization of Strontium  Titanate and Related Perovskite Ceramics and Thin Films.
  • L. Damalakienė. Fluorescence research on the uptake and intracellular localisation of colloidal Quantum dots and their effect on mechanisms of endocytosis.
  • M. Ivanov. Grain Size Effect on Dielectric Properties of Ferroelectrics and Relaxors.
  • J. Galinis. Research on spontaneous parametric down-conversion pumped by incoherent light sources.
  • D. Majus. Transient phenomena in femtosecond filamentation.
  • S. Toliautas. Electronic excitation processes of photoactive organic molecules.
  • A. Tuzikas. Niche applications of solid-state lighting with controllable colour-rendition, spatial, photochemical, and photobiological properties.
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