Doctoral dissertations maintained in 2016

  • A. Alesenkov. Micromachining of nontransparent materials in air and water with femtosecond laser pulses.
  • J. Jurkevičius. Photoluminescence efficiency in wide-band-gap III-nitride semiconductors and their heterostructures.
  • B. Lenkevičiūtė-Vasiliauskienė. Organic Light Emitting Diodes: the Investigation of New Materials and Structures Towards Broad Emission Spectra.
  • J. Pavlov.  Detector structures on defect-rich silicon and wide band-gap semiconductors.
  • M. Pučetaitė. Vibrational spectroscopy and microspectroscopic imaging of urinary stones and biological fluids.
  • K. Redeckas. Electronic kinetics and structural dynamics of photochromic and photosynhetic pigments.
  • I. Reklaitis. Advanced III-nitride-based optoelectronic devices: fabrication and characterization.
  • S. Rekštytė. The development and applications of the methods of direct laser writing using femtosecond light pulses in transparent cross-linkable materials.
  • V. Rumbauskas. Peculiarities of carrier scattering and thermal emission in large fluence irradiated silicon.
  • T. Stanislauskas. High power ultrashort CEP stable pulses VIA optical parametric amplification.
  • K. Steponkevičius. Third harmonic generation and six-wave mixing of femtosecond laser pulses in air.
  • V. Voiciuk. Photophysical transformations in molecules studied by ultrafast multi-pulse spectroscopy.
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