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Dear all,

Welcome to the website of Faculty of Physics!

Physics, as a part of Aristotle philosophy, was taught from the very establishment of Vilnius University in 1579. The first references to the classroom of experimental physics date to 1756/57, and this school year could be recognized as the onset of Experimental Physics in Lithuania. The separate Faculty of Physics was founded in 1965. The Faculty moved to its new location in Sauletekio avenue in 1979 and has remained in the same premises till now. You are always welcome to the Faculty of Physics and use every opportunity to experience our life, studies and research ‘alive’!

Today the Faculty of Physics is the largest centre of physics studies in Lithuania offering the study programmes of all three cycles (BS (6 programmes), MS (9 programmes) and 5 programmes for PhD studies) and the research work in 6 Departments and in Astronomical Observatory that celebrates the honourable 260th year anniversary in 2013. The mission of the Faculty of Physics of Vilnius University could be formulated as education of critically thinking creative personalities, training of professionals of highest qualification, innovations and development of scientific research in modern fields of Physics and Technologies.Having completed the studies at the Faculty our graduates work in world-famous laboratories or in leading global and Lithuanian companies, performing by far not the lowest but the highest-skilled jobs. Moreover, some of them have established their own firms of high technologies in the last years and some of them are the heads or key persons in the companies that despite economic downturns have remained competitive and acted successfully over all those years for long.

We are glad and grateful to all who use this virtual medium more and more often – to each student, teacher and a colleague from all the remote spots of Lithuania and from foreign lands and also to all those who are interested in Physics, in its challenges and breakthroughs. We hope that many of our graduates will maintain the spiritual relationship with their Alma Mater using this website.

Prof. Dr. Juozas Sulskus

Acting Dean of Faculty of Physics of Vilnius University



 VU Fizikos fakultetas – didžiausia fizikos studijų institucija Lietuvoje, organizuojanti visų pakopų fizikos studijas. Jo misija - kūrybingų asmenybių ugdymas, aukščiausios kvalifikacijos specialistų rengimas ir mokslo plėtojimas. Pagrindinė fakulteto funkcija – kokybiškų fizikos studijų organizavimas.