Study implementation during the spring semester of 2021-2022 academic year (2021-02-02)

Spring semester begins of 4th of February. This year it is Thursday.

According to the current regulation a decision has been made to have all lectures, seminars and exercises only remotely at least until end of March.

Laboratory works will not be carried out physically in February. Depending on the nature of laboratory works will start only in March (or later if pandemic situation will not permit it). Some laboratory works will be substituted will remote works and modelling exercises. Decision for particular course on how to carry out laboratory works will be made by a coordinating teacher of a course. Teacher will inform students on laboratory work situation during first lecture.

Laboratory works for graduate students will be done according to individual schedules made by teachers. However, they cannot be done in groups at least n February.

If situation permits, student will be able to continue working in laboratories on their research works and thesis.

On Faculty website you can already find preliminary timetables:

However, we plan to update timetable at the end of February in order to account for changes of pandemic.

Graduate students have to choose their scientific research topic during first 10 days of new semester. Proposed topic will be posted at the beginning of the semester on Faculty website.

3rd year Light Technologies students have to choose topics for course work during the same first 10 days of new semester. Proposed topic will be published on Faculty website as well.

Last year graduate and undergraduate students have to choose topics for their final thesis during first 10 days of new semester. Just as in other case, proposed topics will be published on the Faculty website.

At the beginning of the semester we will inform send you particular links to the faculty website where you can find topics alongside with the supervisors posted.

In case you have any question please do not hesitate to contact Vice-dean for studies Olga Rancova (, (8 5) 236 6002) or Head of Studies Ignas Gaižiūnas (, (8 5) 236 6066).


Study implementation during the autumn semester of 2020-2021 academic year (2020-09-01)

Due to the current epidemiological conditions Regulations of Planning, Organizing and Implementation of Study Activities in Vilnius University. According to these regulations, it is mandatory: 

  1. For University staff and students to use nose and mouth covering protection (face masks, respirators and other) in all classrooms and other facilities if a distance of at least 2 meters is not maintained.
  2. To maintain a distance of at least one meter between participants of study activities.
  3. For University teachers to track attendance of the students in case National Public Health Center would need data to track possible contacts with ones infected by COVID-19.
  4. To organize study activities of the particular day one after another without long breaks, only ensuring enough breaks to ventilate facilities. This is needed to minimize the need for students to present in the facilities as well to reduce the times needed to arrive at the University.
  5. For students to disinfect the working environment (top of the table, chair support, etc.) and equipment used before and after study activity.
Arrival to Vilnius University

As you are aware, the situation regarding the COVID-19 virus in Europe and around the world is changing every day.

Here at the Faculty of Physics, we aim to have as much contact and laboratory work as it would be possible. So we expect our students to arrive and be physically present at the campus. As a result, Vilnius University is taking full responsibility to cover your self-isolation costs. Therefore, it is very important for us that you would read the information and follow the instructions provided here.

The following information is only applicable to international students of Vilnius University (both degree and exchange/Erasmus+ students). Please read carefully all the information on the provided page. Here you will find all the matters related to arrival to Lithuania, your studies and COVID-19.

With questions on self-isolation, please contact us at , phone 00370 5 219 3214 (on workings hours Mondays-Fridays from 8.00 to 17.00 EST) or 00370 5 268 7182 (after working hours).


Please be reminded that studies for the academic year of 2020/2021 begin on:

  • the 14th of September 2020 for undergraduate students.
  • the 1st of September 2020 for graduate students.


If you face any issues with the arrival or have questions regarding studies please contact .

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