Total budget: 4 million Eur. The Center of spectrometric characterization of electronic/molecular processes of materials and membership in the international infrastructure MAX IV (Swedish National laboratory providing X rays for research).

RI SPECTROVERSUM is one of the few EU institutions which provide possibility to analyse samples both in (a) broad spectral range and (b) by mass spectroscopy. Not only routine spectral analysis necessary for initial characterization of materials and processes is carried out in the center, but also specific purposeful experimental setups are made in order to achieve deeper levels of knowledge about analysed objects, determine their subtle structural properties or observe short-lived processes in molecular compounds. Novel and high-quality information obtained in the center about molecular compounds is a result of combination of competences provided by SPECTROVERSUM researches and the users. In the center, main research goals are related to priorities set by Lithuanian Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization and dedicated for development and characterization of new materials for photonic and semiconductor technologies.

Main purpose of SPECTROVERSUM is to provide detailed information about composition and dynamic processes of materials by using wide spectral range of electromagnetic radiation – from ultraviolet to microwave and, in addition, mass spectrometry.

RI provides services of routine and unique spectroscopic experiments for customers both in Lithuania and other countries. Services include a wide range of spectral methods such as (1) Spontaneous and resonance enhanced Raman scattering as well as nonlinear vibrational spectroscopy; (2) UV-Vis-NIR-MIR absorption and steady state and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy; (3) Nuclear magnetic resonance and electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy; (4) Microwave and terahertz spectroscopy; (5) Mass spectrometry.

Another field of SPECTROVERSUM is mediation during unique spectroscopic research of Lithuanian customers in international RI „Laboratory of Synchrotron Radiation MAXIV” in Sweden. In this laboratory, SPECTROVERSUM has an office space which is used performing spectroscopic experiments at MAXIV for customers from Lithuanian institutions. SPECTROVERSUM has close contacts in the scientific field with many scientific RIs from foreign academic institutions.

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