Individual study plan - determination of student applications and approvals of the Study Program Committee (SPC) (and changes in the necessary needs) during the semester of individual arrangement of study programs and their assessment. The individual study plan may include the needs of students corresponding to new study subjects.

The individual study plan must be approved by the SPC. A student, aspiring to draw up an individual study plan, must apply electronically to the SPC Chairperson, where he or she has issued his or her individual study plan. The SPC Chairperson must give the answer, indicating agreement with such plan. Individual study programs are recommended, first of all compatible with the SPC Chairperson by phone or MS Teams, if possible.

After receiving the approval of the SPC, the student has to make a request through the e-Student platform. In the application, the student must indicate his / her semester study plan (all subjects that will be studied in the next semester) and write a sentence that the individual study plan is agreed with and approved by the SPC. This request will be automatically sent to the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Physics. The final approval of the individual study plan is performed by the Dean of the Faculty of Physics. 

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