Projekto pavadinimas Trukmė Vadovas (-ai)
ES 7-oji bendroji programa
Nanostructured Lithium Conducting Materials (NANOLICOM) 2011–2014 Prof A. F. Orliukas
Europos tarpvyriausybinio bendradarbiavimo programa mokslo ir technologijų srityje (COST)
Composites of Inorganic Nanotubes and Polymers (COINAPO) (MP0902) 2009–2013 Doc. V. Samulionis
Next generation cost effective phase change materials for increased energy efficiency in renewable energy systems in buildings (NeCoE-PCM) (TU0802) 2009-2013 Prof. J. Banys, Dr. R. Sobiestijanskas
 Single- and multiphase ferroics and multiferroics with restricted geometries (SIMUFER) (MP0904) 2010–2014 Prof. J. Banys, dr. R. Grigalaitis
Kitos tarptautinės programos
EUREKA: Acoustic wave application for the analysis of the quality and safety of porous food and non-food matrices (ACOUSTICS) 2011–2013 V. R. Adomaitis
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