Fellowship to perform the Ph. D. in the group of Andrés Cantarero (Molecular Science Institute, University of Valencia, Spain)

Requirements: To have already the Master Thesis in Physics or Electrical Engineering.

Title of the project: Thermal and magneto-thermal measurements at the nanoscale

Universitat de Valncia

The purpose of the work is to perform thermal and magneto-thermal measurements in two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors, some of them already known, like transition metal di-chalcogenides, but also new 2D materials, either semiconductors or magnetic materials, which will be developed during the thesis. The work will be carried on in a vacuum setup at room temperature and later on in a cryogenic one, while for the magnetic thermal properties a superconducting magnet of 14 T is available in the group. The topology of the materials under study will be also analyze both theoretically and experimentally. Finally, the optical properties, in particular Raman scattering will be studied and relate with the dimensionality of the materials.


For more information, please contact Prof. Andres Cantarero by e-mail.  

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