A tri-party agreement is an agreement that is signed between a student, university, and another institution. A tri-party agreement is signed when students want to perform certain study activities in another institution. In the Faculty of Physics, these activities could be (1) preparation of the final thesis, (2) professional practice, (3) scientific research work, or (4) course projects. 

Students have a legal basis to perform before mentioned study activities outside of Vilnius University only after signing a tri-party agreement. Responsibility for coordinating processes of signing a tri-party agreement falls to the student.

 A tri-party agreement form can be found here.

Before beginning the procedure to sign a tri-party agreement, a student has to receive confirmation from the chair of the Study Programme Committee (SPC) whether the intended institution and scope of its activities conform with the study programme field and cycle. Chairs of SPC and their contacts can be found here. Only tri-party agreements confirmed by the chair of a particular SPC will be signed by the Dean.

After receiving confirmation from the chair of SPC on institution and topic, a student has to prepare a document of the tri-party agreement. In the document only underlined empty places have to be filled in. Students can not unilaterally change, drop, or add any other paragraphs. Every change in the provisions must be agreed upon between the Dean and the institution beforehand.

The topic of the work has to be indicated at the part „aim of the internship“ and work results detailed later on. The start of the internship has to be the date of when the student plans to start his/her work at the institution. However, the end of the internship should not be later when the last day of the current semester.

Details of the institution and supervisor from the institution have to be indicated in the tri-party agreement.

Tri-party agreements are physically signed. Therefore three copies of the agreement have to be prepared.

Process of signing a tri-party agreement:

  • Student signs the agreement;
  • A student has to ask for a chair of SPC to sign the agreement;
  • Representative of the institution signs the agreement*;
  • On the university side, a tri-party agreement is signed by the Dean of the Faculty of Physics Juozas Šulskus. The agreement has to be brought to the Faculty of Physics Dean's office (Saulėtekio al. 9, III r., room 203.).

*If the institution is the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC), the agreement is signed by the head of the FTMC Judicial and staff department at Saulėtekio al. 3, room C439. 

A tri-party agreement has to be signed by the beginning of the studies activities at the institution.

If there are any questions in regards to the technical aspect of signing a tri-party agreement, please contact us via e-mail at  or call (8 5) 236 6000.

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