Data: 2022-05-25 14:00

Speaker: Thomas Halfmann, Institute of Applied Physics, Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany)
Date and time: Wednesday, 25 May 2022, 14:00 Vilnius time
Location: MSTeams meeting (link below)

Coherent light-matter interactions provide powerful tools to control optical properties in quantum systems, e.g. aiming at efficient methods for optical data storage and quantum information processing. The latter rapidly developing field and applications therein require optical (quantum) memories as a key component. The talk presents implementations of coherent optical interactions in particular solids, i.e. rare-earth doped crystals. These “atom-like” solid media combine the advantages of gases (i.e. spectrally narrow transitions and long decoherence times) and solids (i.e. large storage density and scalability). In particular, the talk reports on electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) to stop and store light pulses down to the level of single photons in a conventional doped crystal (Pr:YSO). We demonstrate performant operation of the solid memory by combination of the EIT protocol with coherence control strategies to prolong storage times by orders of magnitude up to many seconds and multi-pass approaches to boost the storage efficiency. The findings are of relevance to provide a memory for single photons and information encoded therein.


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