The Laser Nanophotonics group is investigating the physical mechanisms involved in direct laser writing 3D lithography and this technology’s applications for the manufacturing of mesoscale optical, photonic, microfluidic components, and scaffolds for tissue engineering. Experimental work started in 2004 by developing this new and promising technology, which is based on ultrashort pulsed laser radiation initiated nonlinear light-material interaction localizing the polymerization reaction and creating 3D polymeric microstructures. Currently, fundamental phenomena such as the influence of the polarization, pulse duration, wavelength parameters on optical 3D printing are being investigated and the range of processable materials, from renewable raw materials to fabrication of ceramics by pyrolysis (calcination). The group works closely with VU Chemistry and Natural Science departments, other universities and Lithuanian laser industry (Light conversion, Femtika, Workshop of Photonics), and is also actively involved in various project activities.


lnf labe

Laser Nanophotonics laboratory


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