Laser nanophotonics group - Faculty of Physics


Our research if focussed on fundamental light-matter interactions at a spatio-temporally confined conditions and its development towards advanced ultrafast laser 3D nanolithography (also known as Two-Photon Polymerization or Multi-Photon Lithography – 2PP / MPL).

The femtosecond laser direct writing (LDW) approach enables 3D printing with down to 100 nm feature dimensions of true free-form structures reaching dimensions up to mm in their overall sizes. It is compatible with diverse materials ranging from plant derived renewable resins to high technical performance offering hybrid polymers as well as inorganics - glasses, ceramics, and crystalline substances.

Such additive manufacturing technique allows production of various high-resilient and heavy-duty components applicable for micro-optics, nano-photonics as well as biomedicine.

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Scientific research topics: 

  • Photophysical mechanisms influencing the nanoprocessing of materials with ultrafast lasers;
  • Optical micro-/nano-printing of functional prototypes;
  • Creation and characterization of a new generation integrated nanophotonic, microoptical, miomedical and microfluidic components;
  • Development of additive and subtractive 3D laser mesoscale fabrication technologies (monolithic structures with nano- and macro-architecture out of different materials);
  • Research of alternative optical 3D printing and soft lithography techniques and their applications.
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